Music Academy Grade 4-7




Seniors Grade 4-7 (120min lessons once a week)

MegaMindz Music Academy will be hosting a Revue Choir from February 2021. A Revue Choir is a little less formal and a lot more theatrical. And way more fun singing harmonies AND/OR making use of instruments while singing in groups, with costume, decor, and movement and a bit of drama. It is generally based on a specific Theme OR Stories (eg. Musical/ Pantomime etc)  –  any genre possible.

You can see it as theatrical entertainment of a series of songs & performance.
Revue Choirs focus on *General confidence*, Development of the singing voice,
Stage personality, as well as Cultural appreciation!

Lessons will take place in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna depending on the interest.
Min of 12, Max 18 students per age group per lesson and location. Taught by a
highly qualified music teacher.


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